Sunday, July 25, 2010


The aroma of coffee, the blend of a whole lot of different spices like pepper, cardamom etc., hairpin bend roads with estates on either side, beautiful water falls…… a scenic beauty to the eyes . This is where I stay.There are so many other such beautiful places around.Mother nature has so much to offer us…. Lots of eyes watching its beauty , some to understand it and some to exploit it. I can say most of the people belong to the second category,afterall nature has so much wealth in it.

Having told about nature and its beauty, the question is ‘are these beautiful places still beautiful as they were ages back???’

A very sure answer is “NO”. :(:(

The next obvious question is ‘Why so??’

Ok… Now this question has so many answers. The human race started exploiting nature for their need . But today it is being exploited because of greed. The gap between need and greed has changed so much and its clearly visible today. The dwindling rain, the rising temperature , the endangered wild life are all evidences to show where we are leading to….a universe with a ozone hole,a world known for global warming…Yes this is where we are heading:(:(

Today resorts and homestays in hill stations charge thousands of rupees for a day’s stay. And people from cities are ready to afford it. Because they do not get such a stay amidst nature in cities. Infact these hill stations are also victims of globalization today:(:( Forget the resorts and homestays.. Whats happening to the agricultural areas,the estates??? Deforestation has left no forests and wild elephants have found themselves their home in these estates destroying the crop-the only hope for income for agriculturists. This elephant menace does not stop here.. It continues upto the level of taking away precious lives:(Sad indeed:(Even sad is to know that there is no answer to the question- who is listening to the plea of these agriculturists?:(:( The government is busy dealing with keeping their positions safe, while some are busy showing sympathy to the actors and actress who are hurt during shooting… The priceless lives lost due to elephant attacks are all going unnoticed:(:(

Cities have fared well in terms of technology and may be the rural areas have fallen back when it comes to the same. Cities are overpopulated with skyscrapers, AC malls and even AC apartments. But whats the point in it? When you step out into the streets you just have scorching heat and not the coolness of AC. You find people competing with you at every step, tension on everyone's face and nothing else. Instead in rural areas when you step out ,you can feel the coolness of the breeze, smiling faces… but these are all vanishing.. As said before the weather conditions ,the failing rain are all washing away this beauty of nature as well as the smiles on the faces of the people. This is indeed something to worry about:(:(:(

Everything happening today is a wake up call for us. Its high time we realize we need to save earth . If not things will turn out to be totally unpleasant :(:(Though nothing is reversible at this juncture ,we atleast can work now onwards keeping the safety of earth as a main concern :):) Else things will be different. Right now books have pictures of skyscrapers and we have nature around us. If we don’t wake up ,future books will have pictures of nature and we will have skyscrapers around. Sounds weird indeed ,but that’s what will happen…. Think about it…

Our town has now completely banned the usage of plastics. Your seen using one, you are asked to pay fine. Atleast to save money people will not go for it;) Atleast that way one can contribute:):) Little things put together will one day make a huge difference:):)

Think , contribute and save:):):) We have a beautiful world:):)