Sunday, August 22, 2010


A few days ago I received a message below

Grandma: am weak and old n might die any moment.. so before that happens I want you to inherit my farm,livestock etc…

Granddaughter: oh granny, I never knew about ur farm.. where is it by the way??

Grandma:On facebook!!!!

This is the extent to which most of us use a lot of social networking sites .

I was reading the article “CONNECTED BUT LOST” in august 22,2010 s issue of Sunday herald which made me think if we are really connected. My opinion would be No,we are not connected... All these modes of communication that has been an indication of technology improving has given us a superficial feeling of being in touch.

We share whats on our mind on these sites. But what do we really share. Most of us say about what we are doing ,something nice ,what we want to do etc.. Most of us don’t post whats on our mind when we are feeling low. Its then we realize we have lots of friends on these social networking sites, infact hundreds of them, but not one true friend around whom we can talk to,who can comfort us… One might post “am happy” but maynot be really happy about something that’s not happening in the right way. In short we get to know what they say but may never know what they feel and if they are true with what they are saying… Thing missing out here is attachment , understanding . As the author of the article I mentioned above says, at the end of the day its you and your computer staring at each other. Computers can only follow your orders not your thoughts and feelings.

Maybe advancement in technology has shrinked the world to what we today call a global village and its really nice that we have so many social networking sites to keep in touch forever. But lets not forget people around us. Let the culture of one-to-one conversation continue, let us be more humane. Lead a life that keeps family and friends connected with real intimacy and not just by virtual means.

When out of station on work or for any other matter we do see to it that we talk to family members on phone or via web or messages. But the joy of being back home to the people who understand you and talking to them is infinite

A cup of coffee with our loved ones will surely make us more happy than just saying wish we could meet up and have a cup of coffee:) Relations are at its best when you feel them and see them rather than just saying them:)